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Sleep and back problems

Sleep and back problems

Over a lifetime, we spend almost 25 years sleeping. It may sound like a lot, but all those hours of sleep are essential for good physical health and optimal mental activity. However, various factors can have a negative impact on sleep. Au Bon Repos reveals today how to reduce your back problems in bed for a better night's sleep.

The guiding principle to avoid suffering from back or lower back pain is horizontality. In fact, you should try as much as possible to maintain a straight alignment of the body so as not to tire the muscles, while maintaining the natural curve of the spine.

The position

Everyone has their favourite sleeping position. However, not all of them are good for the back. The position to be avoided is the stomach position because the pelvis is out of balance with the rest of the body. On the other hand, sleeping on your back or side, with a few adjustments, is good for your spine. For an optimal position on your back, ideally one cushion should be placed under your knees and another under your head to raise your neck. To sleep on your side, place a cushion between your knees to keep the same distance as between your hips and thus keep your whole body in the same alignment.

The mattress

Once the right position has been adopted, the bedding still needs to be adapted to your morphology. As far as the mattress is concerned, there are many parameters to consider. You have to choose the suspension (latex, spring or foam), thickness, density (firmness), filling (specific element for comfort), size and most importantly, quality. Here we only deal with the criteria for back problems, but to make the wisest choice possible, there are obviously other characteristics to be analysed such as the ventilation of the mattress or the heat that certain materials cause.

The box spring

The primary function of the slat base is to dampen body movements, but its main purpose is to extend the life of the mattress and optimise its benefits. It is therefore strongly advised to buy both at the same time to assess their compatibility. The box spring can be spring or slatted. We recommend the active slatted bed base because it is equipped with suspensions, which allow you to add firmness to the bed base at the desired location.

The pillow

The pillow adds the final touch to the comfort of the back. Back problems, and especially spinal problems, often originate in the neck and cervical vertebrae. To avoid pain, it is therefore essential to align the neck and head by placing a pillow underneath. As with mattresses, there are many kinds of pillows. For example, a woollen pillow should not be used because it hardens quickly over time, while a goose feather pillow is too soft. On the other hand, synthetic pillows are as interesting for their ergonomics as those made of foam.

Au Bon Repos is there to help you in your search for the ideal bedding. Do not hesitate to drop by the shop for more advice and to test our various products. This is the only way you can see what really suits you to optimise the quality of your sleep.

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