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When creating the Stressless ® line in 1971, the idea was to make the first recliner that can meet the body's natural needs, in terms of support and movement while seated. It is not surprising that Stressless became a reference point. 35 years later, and with worldwide sales of over four million, it is still not surprising that this is still the case. And it is for one simple reason; they have not stopped focusing on improving comfort. When they integrate their Stressless chairs and sofas with additional functionality, or when they choose to think about things differently, it is primarily to introduce the highest level of comfort possible.

As innovators of Comfort we refuse to compromise; gadgets and rhetoric do not interest us.

Ten years ago the concept was adapted tp the Stressless sofa. Since then, many sofas with high or low backrest functions have been developed.

Look closely at the chairs and sofas, check if they have the Stressless logo. Then you will know that it is a true Stressless, designed by the Innovators of Comfort.

Stressless offers: recliners, sofas, reclining sofas and armchairs, in leather or fabric.