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Now by Hülsta

Now by Hülsta

NOW! by hülsta was founded in 1994 and is the last born in the hülsta family. Strictly following the philosophy of the founder Alois Hüls and his son Karl Hüls, the young furniture has the same characteristics as their parents: great quality, high functionality and a high level of design.

In 1940, Alois Hüls laid the first stone in the foundations of the company hülsta by creating his workshop in Stadlohn in the Münsterland, and since then hülsta has been awing the world of furniture by their quality and ingenious ideas.

In 1968, the manufacturer put on the market their first program of modular interior furniture. The products "Allwand" could be enlarged and placed in an individual fashion, this revolutionized the entire furniture industry.

In the same year, hülsta invented the principle of modular construction in which each piece represents a module that you could, depending on your taste superimpose or arrange in rows, and the system offered for the first time the need of interior design staff.

With NOW! by hülsta, the company shows once again its pioneering spirit because it is the first program in the world that has branded furniture that can be easily moved or taken with you. This is because the furniture can be mounted virtually without tools and can be expanded and changed according to individual tastes.

Nowadays, hülsta approximately 1275 employees and produces, as before, only in Germany.

hülsta is currently the reference point for high quality modular furniture. The source of this globalism is the consistency and loyalty to the production sites and the power of creation within the Hüls family who manage the business independently, now in its third generation, and moreover this gives the company a human face.