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Also known as "micro naps", short naps have many benefits for body and mind. We explain their biggest benefits with Simmons:

Nap for greater efficiency during your day

Also known as "micro naps", short naps ideally last between 10 and 15 minutes. They allow your heart and breathing to slow down, inducing light sleep. Napping for too long causes the body to enter a deep sleep, and thus a new sleep cycle. That means it’s difficult to wake up and return to an activity, but in the evening the sleep phase lasts longer.

A micro nap actively contributes to an individual's overall wellbeing by improving cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration.

Ideally, it should be scheduled between 1 and 4pm. Indeed, rest is a physiological need "to restore impaired alertness occurring in the early afternoon due to a genetically programmed biological rhythm", so explains Dr Michel Tiberge, neurologist at the Toulouse sleep centre.

Nap for better health

High blood pressure can partly be solved by napping. The Greek cardiologist Dr Kallistratos and his team have worked on the subject. They have demonstrated a decrease in blood pressure among hypertensive patients who regularly nap.

He concludes that "these results suggest that the mid-day nap may help to reduce long-term damage to vessels and the heart".

A nap is also an effective anti-stress weapon. Indeed, napping reduces stress hormones and specifically cortisol. Finally, this time of rest induces muscle relaxation and therefore leads to a more relaxed attitude.

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