Measuring Service


Whether it’s to double-check the measurements of a dressing room or a corner piece or to discuss the possibility of slotting a storage unit into an awkward corner or under an oddly-shaped ceiling, there are a thousand and one good reasons why you might like to avail of our consultancy services!

Once you have visited our shop and we have an idea of what really grasps your imagination, one of our consultants will be happy to call out to your home, take all the relevant measurements and give you an accurate quotation, on request.


When you feel the time has come to swap your old mattress or base for a new one and don’t want to let go of your beloved bedstead, you need to know that all your measurements are 100% correct.

The question of centimetres aside, only the trained eye of a specialist will be able to spot the pitfalls of a corbeille or four-poster bed or be able to ascertain whether your bedstead will actually be able to accommodate a power-operated base.

Don’t ever hesitate to avail of this service and remember: it is free of charge.

Simply tell us what you’re looking for! We’ll only be too happy to oblige!

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