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Do you need extra space? Would you like an area for multi-functional use? Do you want the comfort of a conventional bed? We have the solution for you: a folding bed BOONE. BOONE holds the answers to your problems of space and with the maximum functionality.

A simple click from you will transform your living room or office into a fully equipped bedroom.

The cabinet BOONE bed is available in all sizes: 1 person, 2 person (1,40m & 1,60m) a horizontal cabinet bed, but also… bunk beds!

A bed from BOONE opens and closes itself with the least effort possible. Houses are expensive, space limited and you need to be able to put things away and live in the same space. Follow the BOONE guide, it offers the solution. A folding bed BOONE!

BOONE offers: rooms, bedrooms, folding or retractable beds, closets, desk beds, cabinets.

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