Leather Care


To take full advantage of your leather chairs over a long time period, please follow some basic rules.> Leather, depending on the type of finishing is more or less sensitive to heat and light, even by reverberation. These factors can dry out the leather and dull the vividness of colors. Your chairs should be set avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or proximity to main windows whenever possible. Observe and follow the maintenance instructions to maintain the physical and aesthetic qualities of your leather.

Do not wait fouling to undertake maintenance, do not try cleaning, stain removal, ... without the adequate products. Do not have your chairs near a source of strong heat (fireplace, heaters or various heating). Leather is a durable(lasting) material, however just like a woodwork or a different material, it is susceptible to intense physical attacks that can harm its beautiful appearance (scratches from sharp objects, pets’ scratching, fabric friction or scratchy clothing, rivets or buckles clothing ...). Be sure to avoid these types of occurrences onto your leather.



The amount of dust and dirt which deposits on your leather is equivalent to that which is deposited on a wooden cabinet that you dust off regularly because it is very visible. To prevent dust to tarnish your leather and to encrust in the veins of the skin, please make a weekly dusting, especially if your sofa has a padded seat by vacuuming it with a soft brush, or by passing a soaked soft cloth over the leather surface.


Maintenance of leather is essential to preserve the aesthetic and physical appearance of the leather in the near future. Maintenance is divided into two operations to do every 3 months: 

1 Cleaning: This operation removes all greasy or sticky dust, common dirt and stains due to the normal use that are not removed by regular dusting. Cleaning will also prepare the leather for the application of a protective product on a clean surface, providing maximum efficiency to the protecting product and allowing it to impregnate and polymerize the leather surface according to the different type of finishing.

2 Protection: This operation brings to upholstery leather all the elements necessary to properly protect (against food drying, protection against stains, friction and fading to light). Product’s protection acts preventively by creating a layer against the aggressions suffered by the leather. Compliance with the frequency of maintenance keeps the layer active and preserve its effectiveness.


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