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Good pyjamas for a good night's sleep

Good pyjamas for a good night's sleep

With winter in full swing, the need to take refuge in warm pyjamas to go to sleep is great. However, to make your sleep as peaceful as possible, there are certain criteria to consider when you put on your pyjamas to reach dreamland. Au Bon Repos looks at certain essential aspects such as the material and size of the pyjamas and the frequency of washing.


There are many materials for pyjamas but not all of them are equivalent for optimal sleep. Ideally, you should wear a silk night outfit because it is a thermoregulating fabric which is also very comfortable to wear. On the contrary, wool, or polyester should be avoided as they do not allow the skin to breathe sufficiently. In terms of price and comfort, a good compromise between silk and polyester can be cotton or flannel for those who are more sensitive to the cold.


As far as size is concerned, it is recommended to opt for looser pieces that will not bother you when you turn around at night. And with less tight-fitting pyjamas, you let your body breathe - which is much more hygienic, as we will see later.

Of course, while you should avoid sleeping in tight pyjamas, it is also strongly recommended that you do not go to bed with your underwear on. Underwear does not allow the skin to breathe during the night and can sometimes cause urinary tract infections in women.

Frequency of washing

Although the material and size of the pyjamas are essential for a good night's sleep, the frequency with which they are washed is no less important.

From a hygienic point of view, it is advisable to wash your pyjamas at least once a week, or even more often depending on perspiration. Sweat absorbed by the fabric can cause itching or even infection if bacteria develop. In addition, pyjamas that are worn for too long can also give off unpleasant odours and thus affect your sleep.

For those suffering from acarids allergies or respiratory problems, it is even more important to wash your pyjamas frequently. Dust and acarids tend to settle on the fabric. You should therefore regularly remove them by changing your pyjamas and keep your airways clear for a good night's sleep.

Without pyjamas

If you take all these tips into account, you should be able to spend a more pleasant night. However, according to several scientific studies, the best choice is still to sleep in your birthday suit. Indeed, it seems that the quality of sleep is better when you sleep naked because the body temperature then adapts naturally for the night. In addition, there is no risk of rubbing or irritation or even hindering the movements you make while sleeping.

As far as pyjamas are concerned, Au Bon Repos can do nothing for you. However, when it comes to choosing your bedding for an optimal night's sleep, our team is there to advise you. So do not hesitate to drop by the shop for personalized advice.

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