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Because we spend more than five years of our lives dreaming, Au Bon Repos has decided to enlighten you on this still little-known subject. In this article, we return for you to the main aspects of dreams: frequency, cause, meaning and solution against nightmares.

When do they occur?

Most dreams occur during REM sleep. This sleep period is particularly conducive to dreams, as it is when the brain is most active. As the night's sleep consists of several cycles, we dream several times in one night. This represents about 100 minutes. In the end, over the course of a lifetime, we dream for between five and seven years.

Why do we dream?

Although not everyone remembers their dreams, it is a fact: everyone dreams. And these dreams are of crucial importance for psychological balance. They allow us to process the information of the day and send it to the long- or short-term memory. It is also an important work of the unconscious since dreams give us the opportunity to put words on experiences we live daily for which we are not always able to formulate the associated emotions.

What does it mean?

And it is precisely these emotions that predominate when we dream. Even if our dreams sometimes do not make sense to us, the emotions that emerge from them are very often a reflection of our state of mind. Recurring nightmares, for example, are often linked to a trauma experienced in the past or to an element of our present that particularly affects us.

Sweet dreams

To have good dreams and specially to stop nightmares, it may therefore be wise to look into the causes of bad dreams and to fight them with the technique of repeated imagery. It is a matter of describing your nightmare and then being able to change its course. More generally, a healthy lifestyle also has a positive impact on your sleep.

The environment in which you sleep is also particularly important. When it is time to go to bed, it is essential to reduce the stress accumulated during the day. The room temperature should be adjusted to around 18 degrees, and the light too. You can also play with smells and sounds to create a reassuring and soothing space. The choice of your bedding also plays an important role in the quality of your sleep and therefore of your dreams. Read more about this in our article on the Zen room.

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